How to use AI to supercharge your business – February 2023

The revolution is coming. No, seriously. On 30 November 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public. Within two months this free tool amassed 100 million users, making it the fastest growing app…ever. For comparison it took TikTok nine months and Instagram two and a half years to reach the same 100 million user milestone.

This explosive growth sent shockwaves through technology discourse online. “But wait a second, George- what even is ChatGPT?” I hear you say.

If you’re not aware, ChatGPT is a an Artificial Intelligence tool that responds to user-submitted prompts with text. What’s interesting about this particular AI tool is that it interacts in a conversational way, meaning that you can ask it a series of questions and it remembers what was said before. See this slightly random exchange for example:

example of AI conversation

Since its release, users have shared thousands of exciting ways it could be used like helping less literate people write emails, creating a weight loss food plan along with the necessary shopping list, passing law and business school exams, and even writing wedding speeches.

Full disclosure: I have even used it to write a few blog posts myself.

How to use ChatGPT to supercharge your business

There are hundreds of ways that ChatGPT could be used to help operate you business more efficiently and generally be more productive. Here are a few (click the link to see the image examples):

A word of caution. While it can produce amazing results, ChatGPT certainly has limitations. Use it as a tool to generate a starting point, and then refine the output yourself to meet your exact needs.

The AI space is moving so quickly that in a couple of months, capabilities will be even greater than they are today. Keep checking back to our blog for more useful tips in the future.

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